Skribbl.Io Hacks (2023) – Auto Draw, Auto Guesser Scripts

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An excellent drawing game to enjoy with your friends is You might occasionally want to surprise your friends with flawless drawings or accurately guess each drawing. But there is one shortcut which can prove you the master by using hack or cheats.

These Skribbl io hacks or cheats will auto guess or auto draw in the game and you will not lose the game.

skribbl io hack

Skribbl is a kind of game in which one person draws and other people guess. The faster guesser score more and always wins the game.

Drawing on paper and drawing on a computer are now two distinct activities. A man who excels at sketching on paper could struggle while painting on a computer. There will be instances when you desire to win over your fellow gamers in You can utilise a few Skribbl IO hacks for this to appear like a pro.

What is is a popular online multiplayer sketching and guessing game. In this game, one participant is given the word and instructed to draw it; the other participants must correctly guess the word from the drawings. Doodling is fun, even though it may seem difficult. My schoolmates and I have played this game for hours.

Your friendships get stronger and your intelligence, inventiveness, and quickness are all increased. As a result of discovering various new terms and their illustrations, your vocabulary will also grow (often poor & funny). The number of loyal players is directly correlated with how engaging the game is. Do you know how the hack can help you? Actually, these hacks or cheats will Autodraw and Autoguesser on your behalf and will make you a winner.

Why is so popular? has recently gained a tonne of international notoriety. There are many valid explanations for this simple but entertaining game’s incredible appeal. You can play on a computer or a mobile device. There is no need for pricey or specialised equipment. Anyone can therefore register and start playing straight immediately. Furthermore, a strong internet connection is not necessary.

Additionally, is available in many different languages. You can choose from English, Italian, Korean, Hungarian, Hindi, and Arabic, among other languages. As a result, participants can join and cooperate in the game from any location. It is efficient, interesting, simple, and fun. The best thing about this game is you will be sent to a random room where people from all around the world can join you.

When you will be a drawer you can draw a secret word which will be guessed by all the players online. The quickest person with the right answer will get the highest score.

In the same way, you will get the chance to become a guesser. Then you have to guess the word drawn by your friend online. If you guess the answer right you will be the winner.

At the end of the game, the person with the highest score will be the overall winner. So if you want to be the winner always we have some secrets for you. The secret is hack script which will work like a charm.

What is a Hack? hacks are shortcut ways to win the game easily with guessing or drawing. is a fun game which is incredibly intriguing and interactive. But let me make it clear winning in this game is not as easy as you think.

Winning in this game depends on your approach. You have to think clearly and act swiftly to determine the appropriate word before anyone else. If you do that, you will quickly gain more points and overtake everyone. If you are unable to achieve that but still want to impress your pals, employ these tricks.

1. Auto-drawing hack

There are undoubtedly many hacks available, but users seem to look for the auto draw hack the most. One of the best cheats for gamers who struggle with drawing is this one. You may easily draw anything you want with the aid of our auto draw hack.

You only need to locate a relevant image from Google and drag it onto the sketching area. The hack will automatically complete the remaining task.

You must adhere to a few straightforward procedures in order to use the auto draw hack in 2022:

  • To begin, download the GitHub “Autodraw hack script.” By clicking on this link, you may obtain the same file.
  • Because the file you downloaded is in ZIP format, be sure to unpack it before continuing.
  • Once the files have been extracted, launch Google Chrome and select the three dots in the very top right corner of the window.
  • Click on “Settings” and from the left side menu select “Extensions”.
  • Turn ON “Developer Mode” from the top right corner.
  • Then select the “Load Unpacked” button in the top left corner of the screen and select “ Auto Hack Script” that you have extracted.
  • This will install “Autodraw Hack” chrome extension to chrome browser.

Now the steps involved about how to use this extension to AutoDraw.

  • Start a new game and open the same chrome browser in a tab and search for the same image (prefer outlined image) shown in Skribbl game.
  • Drag and drop the image on the canvas box of the game to get working skribbl io hack.

Now move on to the next hack to guess the image.

2. Hack for Autoguesser

For those who find it difficult to correctly predict drawings made by friends or other players when playing, there is a second hack.

It is a Chrome extension script, like the first one, that will assist you in properly guessing the word.

the procedures listed below to employ the auto-guesser hack:

  • Open Chrome browser and add this Tempermonkey extension simply by clicking the ‘Add to Chrome’ button.
  • Now go to this Auto Guesser script page on GitHub.
  • Make sure you have Tempermonkey Extension installed in chrome browser.
  • Click on this GitHub link and then click on the Install button to start downloading.
  • Visit and then click the “Activate Skribbler” button to start the hacking process.

Now the possible answer guessed by the script will be shown below the screen.

3. DrawBot is a brand-new type of hack that you can employ to play more amusingly. Simply drop the picture and boom.

It will be automatically drawn on top of the scribble screen. However, using this trick is not so simple.


You may have a good time with your friends and create the nicest memories playing the online game Instead of ruining everyone’s fun by utilising auto-draw or auto-guesser hacks, I recommend playing it without using any form of tricks. Even though employing the hack might help you win a few games, it will not give you the inner peace that one win following many defeats will.

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