Most Popular Games That YouTubers Play 2023 (Top 10)

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most popular games that youtubers play

You might be a beginner on YouTube/Twitch channel or you might be the one who is uploading gaming videos on the channel but not getting enough views. Perhaps you don’t know which game I should play to attract more viewers. Today I am going to tell you about the most popular games that YouTubers play and got thousands of views.

Whether you are skilled or funny at playing games, these top games will definitely increase views on your videos and live streams. These top 10 popular games on youtube in 2023 are based on analyzed data on the number of views on youtube, Twitch stream, most streamed, most watched, trending, and other factors.

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Most Popular Games that Youtubers Play

To make a successful gaming channel on youtube you have to understand which games are the most trending on youtube.

It is clear that creators create what users love to watch. That is the science of demand and supply. Though there are thousands of creators already playing popular games on youtube. You have to make a place among them.

You don’t need to master shooting skills or get perfection in an online team game like PUBG. You can start with some of the easy-to-play games like GTA or Minecraft.

To be successful in Youtube gaming you have to follow trends and maintain consistency.

In gaming, popular trending games are the trends. So let’s check out the best games to play for youtube to rock.

Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto 5 is an open-world game and comes under the category of action adventure. Rockstar’s GTA has become the number one best-selling console/pc game of all time. It crossed 170 million units on SEP 30, 2022.

Tetris and Minecraft are at number one and two in the mobile also category but for PC/Console GTA rocks at the first position.

But what matters most for a gaming YouTuber is that GTA V watched for 1.82 billion hours on Youtube Gaming, Twitch, and Facebook Gaming in 2022. Which makes it one of the most-watched games of 2022.

GTA 5 has an offline and online mode. It is released in 2013 by rockstar games and is available on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and windows.

Gameplay: In offline mode, you can choose one of three characters Michael De Santa, Trevor Philips, and Franklin Clinton, and play different missions each character has a different storyline.

In online mode, you get to design your character and you can play with your friend. There are many events and missions, you can play deathmatch, racing and war mode, heist, etc. You will also have access to a variety of cars, planes, bikes, and guns.

League of Legends

According to Forbes, League of Legends is in second position with 1.77 billion hours of gameplay viewed on Youtube, Twitch, and Facebook Gaming.

It is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) video game that works on windows and macOS systems. It was released in October 2009 and it’s still standing on the top watched and trending games list.

Gameplay: In this game, players control the champions and they have different ability which has advantages over others.

They are assigned to match and compete with other teams, the goal of the game is to completely destroy the competitor structure which is placed at the heart of a base called “nexus”.

Each champion starts from a low level and over time it can be maxed to 18 levels with experience. When levels are unlocked champions are provided with new special abilities.


Minecraft is one of the oldest games that is still popular. It was initially released back in May 2009 and afterward, it released sandbox mode in 2011.

Mojang develops it and now it is owned by Microsoft. If you look at statistics, Minecraft is the 5th most watched game on youtube/Twitch/Facebook of 2022 with 795.4 million hours of watch time. On youtube only it has 53.5 Billion views which makes it people’s choice.

This game made some of the most popular YouTubers or you can say YouTubers like PewDiePie and Ninja contributed to making it popular.

Gameplay: In this game, players can build anything they want. There are two modes creative and survival.

In creative mode, you are free to build in the Minecraft world and you will have unlimited items and blocks. And in survival mode, you will have to gather items and block and survive.

Every night, zombies with different abilities will attack you so it’s up to you how to survive. In the end, the ultimate goal is to defeat the dragon which is in a different world.


Fortnite is known for dominating PlayerUnkonwnBattleground (PUBG) and providing the best royal battle mode. It was released in July 2017 and in a few months, it gained popularity till now. Based on trends and most watched it is still on the top.

Now it can be played on any platform as it is available on PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS, and Xbox one and the best thing about this game is it’s free.

Gameplay: You will be spawned on a big map against 99 players in this game. After a few seconds, all players will be on a flying bus and it will cross the map. In the meantime, you have to jump and land on a map. On the map, you will get loot like guns, healing, armor, etc.

In a few seconds, a circle will appear on a map which will get smaller over time. Staying out site the circle will reduce your health constantly.  In the end, the circle will keep reducing its size until games found 1 surviving player against 99 players.


Valorant has gained popularity in 2 years and according to the around 18 million people played Valorant in January 2023.

Since its launch in Mid 2020, this game is continuously gaining popularity. Valorant’s gameplays were watched for 1.3 Billion hours in 2022 which is 22% more than in 2021.

This game is developed by Riot Games, who are the developer of League of Legends. It has some elements from the most popular games like Overwatch, Counter-Strike: GO, and League of Legends.

This game is not going to fade out sooner as its esports scenes are better than its rival games.


It is a team game in which 5-5 players play from each side. It is a tactical FPS game in which you can test your gunplay abilities. Players from either team are assigned as attacking or defending teams.

This game has Search and Destroy modes which are very similar to CS: GO. The attacking team has to plant a bomb which is called a spike. And on the opposite side defending team tries to avoid the bomb plant. If a team is wiped out before the bomb plant opposite team will win.

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground (PUBG)

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground is another battle royal game where 100 payers on the map compete with each other. The first battle royal mode has seen and invented from this game.

Top gaming YouTubers from all around the world played this game after its release in March 2017. This game is available on Android, PC, iOS, and Xbox one.

Gameplay: The players are spawned on an 8×8 map/ 4×4 map then after 60 seconds will be in the flying airplane. An airplane will cross Iceland and meanwhile, a player jumps to a different location using a parachute. After a minute the zone will start and players have to stay in the zone to avoid the Health point loss.

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Hearthstone game is a strategy card-based game. It is free on all platforms and it’s very easy to learn. In March 2014, it was released by Blizzard Entertainment and it is developed in the Unity engine.

This game works on android, windows, and Macintosh operating systems. Hearthstone is created based on a series called Warcraft. It uses the same elements, relics, and characters.

Gameplay: It is a collectible card game in which two players fight each other. In the game, there are classes like warrior, hunter, shaman, druid, paladin, warlock, rogue, priest, and mage which have unique abilities.

When competing with each other, both players have a desk of chosen cards from their collections. They use their hero, minions, spells, and weapons cards to reduce the health of opponents to zero. When a player has zero health he will lose.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-strike Global Offensive is another popular game that YouTubers play and one of the best first-person shooter games. It has mostly positive reviews on any site especially on steam, GameSpot, and IGN. This game was developed in August 2012 by Valve Corporation and hidden path entertainment.

The game concept comes to light with half-life 2 modification in 1999 and later on it was released in 2000 as a Counter-Strike. Afterward, games Counter-Strike: condition zero, source, Neo, and the global offensive were released till 2012.

Gameplay: This game has different 8 modes: Competitive, Deathmatch, Casual, Demolition, Wingman, Arms Race, Weapons Course, and Flying Scotsman. The main is the competitive mode in which a team of 5 players competes with another team of 5.

In a complete game, there are 30 rounds and if one team wins 16 rounds will be declared a winner. Teams will play as terrorists and counter-terrorists where terrorists’ main goal is to plant a bomb and blast or kill all counter-terrorism and the same go with counter-terrorist but defusing a bomb will give them a win.

Dota 2

Dota 2 is one of the best games to play for youtube and is extremely popular on Steam. It’s a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) video game developed by Valve Corporation and is free to play.

This game is so addictive that many players on stream have played with the game for over 8000 hours never seen with any game. It was released in 2013 from windows, Linux, and OS X.

Gameplay: It is a strategy-based game in which two teams of 5 players radiant and dire compete with each other and their purpose in the game is to destroy their structure called ancient which is secured by another team.

Players can pick their hero which will have different abilities. Hero level can be increased with battle experience and it will also unlock new abilities.


Overwatch is a multiplayer FPS (First-person shooter) video game. The game released on May 2016 is developed by Blizzard Entertainment and it is available on PS4, Xbox One, and windows. It gained massive popularity in 2017, now it is one of the most played games.

Gameplay: In the game, there are two teams of 6 players who compete with each other to secure their control point and terminate and destroy others. There are more than 20 types of hero where players can choose them.

Each player has different abilities, responsibilities, and tasks in the team.

Hope this information will help you start a gaming channel that could give you a decent income.

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