VisiPics Alternatives to Check Out in 2023

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Duplicate files are headaches for all PC users. There is one popular duplicate file remover known as Visipics. But there are plenty of shortcomings that come with this software that can make you inclined towards other effective VisiPics alternatives. So, here in this article, we will discuss why such alternatives are needed and what are the top 5 ones.

visipics alternatives

Why would you think of picking VisiPics alternatives?

It feels great to work on your PC until it starts lagging with a huge storage consumption due to a large number of junk files. Isn’t it? Well, it is quite tricky to control images, videos, and other files that keep duplicating. But would you let your PC have a significant drawback in performance due to such unnecessary files? If not, you need software that can easily detect and remove all those files.

As we said earlier, there are some drawbacks of VisiPics that can give you a hard time eliminating duplicate files from your PC. So, here is why you need a shift from this software.

  • The UI is not at all easy to use for beginners
  • VisiPics developers have stopped offering software updates
  • It is tough to find out the settings from its menu bar
  • It does not provide any preview before the deletion of files
  • The software takes up a lot of space in the CPU

Comparison Between 5 VisiPics Alternatives

SoftwarePricing StatusUnique Feature
dupeGuruFreeLets you search with keywords
Awesome Duplicate Photo FinderFreeOffer no limit to the number of folders
Duplicate Photo FinderFreeYou can take note of the similarity percentage between the two photos
Easy Duplicate FinderFreeLets you exclude files you do not want to scan
CloneSpyFreeOffers impeccable speed for scanning through files

Visipics Alternative – Top 7 to Choose

1. dupeGuru

While talking about the most impressive VisiPics alternatives, dupeGuru Picture Edition deserves special mention. This VisiPics alternative is not only great in terms of detecting duplicate files but also conveniently finds all similar types of files. Furthermore, it uses a unique algorithm that helps to detect files with similar names and content, which, in turn, makes your job easier.

This free and open-source tool can find all duplicate files on your computer quite conveniently and let you complete your task with utmost confidence.


  • Lets you remove all redundant music and other files from your desktop 
  • With its picture mode, it can find both similar and duplicate images accurately
  • You can customize your matching criteria as per your preferences
  • There is a reference directory mechanism, along with a grouping system, that does not allow the deletion of all crucial pictures mistakenly
  • You can use keywords to find out the exact files
  • You can quickly move and copy the pictures to other locations in case you do not want to remove them permanently

2. Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder

Just like its name, this software is one of the greatest VisiPics alternatives that can be used conveniently. Whether you want to search for duplicate photos or clean them thoroughly, this one lets you do everything efficiently. With a quick scan, you can find all the files on your PC that you need to delete to clean up some space.


  • Supports all popular kinds of image formats like BMP, JPG, PNG, TIFF, and GIF
  • Works with an intelligent algorithm that can detect similar pictures with ease
  • Lets you add as many folders to the scan area
  • Supports removable devices and many other network drives
  • There is an easy drag-and-drop option for adding folders to the scan windows.
  • You can easily move the pictures to another location apart from deleting them completely
  • You can have an eye on the similarity percentage among duplicate photos

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3. Anti-Twin

Now, the next one on our list is Anti-Twin. It is not exactly a duplicate photo remover, but you can call it one of the most trustworthy VisiPics alternatives due to its exquisite features. This software can scan your computer to extract duplicate music, texts, and other files that are eating up your space. Anti-Twin offers you convenient options to delete those files so that you can free up enough space on your PC.


  • Offers you pixel-wise image comparison
  • Lets you solicit the file size of those that you want to scan
  • The interface it offers is very simple and intuitive
  • There are customizable methods for comparison
  • You can preview the files before deleting them finally
  • This tool even lets you check all the low-resolution images

4. Easy Duplicate Finder

A huge array of VisiPics alternatives makes it easier for users to find a suitable one for their needs. However, not all software will offer you the level of ease and convenience that Easy Duplicate Finder offers. With this software, you can easily detect and remove all duplicate pictures from your computer easily. In addition, it comes with multiple options, which lets you manage your picture library more effectively.


  • You can clean up spaces in your HDD, SDD, or cloud
  • Apart from pictures, you can also remove duplicate music, video, and other files from your PC.
  • There are various modes and options to scan all identical pictures
  • You can preview your files before you hit the delete button
  • There are multiple wizard tools that let you delete duplicate files easily
  • You can exclude all those files you do not want to scan
  • Offers support for all major file formats like PSD and RAW
  • Lets you undo all your actions and retrieve all your deleted files

5. CloneSpy

Well, the last but not least one on our list is CloneSpy. When it comes to the ease of finding all photos and deleting them swiftly, there are rarely any other VisiPics alternatives that can beat the performance of CloneSpy. This free tool comes with plenty of features that let you get rid of all space-consuming files. In addition, it performs a smooth and easy scanning that scoops out all duplicate files and allows you to either remove, rename, or keep them.


  • Works with a reliable algorithm that performs accurately in finding out the files
  • The scanning process it runs is faster than any other alternative to VisiPics
  • You can decide what you want to do with the pictures
  • Upon the completion of the scan, it groups all the files and displays them in a user-friendly window
  • It can perform convenient batch delete
  • You can move all files in batches
  • Supports many popular file formats like TIF, PNG, BMP, JPG, and GIF

6. Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

As clear from its name Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro scans for exact copies and similar photos on your computer. It has the capability to scan both internal and external storage connected to your computer. Not only external storage, but it can also find and remove duplicate files stored on Google Drive and you don’t need to download them.


  • Internal and external storage scanning and removal
  • Remove duplicate photos from the cloud
  • Automark duplicate files based on the rules set in Selection Assistant
  • Remove duplicate photos in one click
  • Available for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android
  • Duplicate photos categorized in groups to keep and delete

7. Remo Duplicate Photos Remover

Remove Duplicate Photos Remover has more than one million downloads on Play Store. It has an easy-to-use interface that lets you find duplicate photos from any folder or drive. Remo lets you delete photos of any format like JPEG, JPG, PNG, TIFF, GIF, etc.


  • Use De-Dupe Algorithm to find duplicate photos
  • Delete duplicate photos captured from any camera brand or device
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Filters help delete duplicate files based on date and size
  • Available for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
  • Available for the latest versions of Windows and Mac like Windows 11 and macOS Big Sur

Bottom Line

So, are you thinking of shifting to any VisiPics alternatives sooner? Well, then you can check out the ones mentioned above, offering a bunch of interesting features. All you need to do is pick the one that suits your requirements and eliminate the storage load from your PC.

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