9 Best Battle Royale Games Like PUBG Absolutely Free

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Are you searching for games like PUBG the most popular battle royale games I have seen?

Battle Royale is a genre of gaming, where exploration and survival are the key principles of this niche. The final goal of this genre is see who is the last man standing – the winner.

The name itself is taken from a very famous Japanese movie called “Battle Royale”. This type of gaming made its entry early in 2010s with survival online games like Minecraft and ARMA 2.

Therefore, if you are new and want to know about other free PUBG alternatives then this article is for you.

9 Best Free Games Like PUBG 2020

Best Battle Royale Games Like PUBG mobile

Player Unknown Battlegrounds, also known as “PUBG” had its first main stream in early 2017. With its growing popularity, PUBG Mobile was released in 2018.

Since then iOS and Android gaming segment has seen many such popular PvP(Player vs Player) Battle Royale, last man standing survival games.

PUBG Mobile also has a lighter version called PUBG Mobile Lite. Created for the sole reason of reaching the audience owning budget mobile phone. But it fails to deliver that level of Battle Royal experience.

So let’s dive into the alternatives of PUBG Mobile.

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Rules of Survival

Rules of Survival battle royale game

This game started out from its PC version and is now available for mobile. It gives you a very close experience to PUBG. Here you can customize your own character before starting the game.

You also get a quick short tutorial before you start your first match. It trains you on all the details and intricacies of the game. The tutorial is 10 min long and can be skipped at any point of time.

Honestly, this game has a huge map and it is highly advised to go through the tutorial. That way you get to know the nook and corners of this game plus what are the available options to cover such a humongous map.

You have endless possibilities in this game like PUBG Mobile. From vehicles to motor boats and trucks for logistics. This game while keep you glued. At least I can bet, you won’t fall short of time to reach the safe zone.

Play solo or Duo with roommates or just go for a Squad. You will encounter servers across Asia, Europe, and America. Thereby giving you a smooth lag-free gaming experience.

What I Liked

  • 8×8 KM Humongous Map with vehicles in almost every region.
  • Very accessible weapon loot
  • Special MIRACLE boxes where you get Infinity Stones

Knives Out

Pubg alternative Knives Out

Another alternative to PUBG Mobile, Knives Out. Having a setting of 100 players in the game arena, this game offers a last man standing Battle Royale experience.

The quote “No Rules Just Fight!” is practically what this game actually stands for. Pick a map of highlands or the city, the gameplay will just blow your mind.

Knives out adds some visuals and amazing gameplay experience to its users. Offering options like a 5 player game match, Sniper Battle, 50V50, Team Fight. This game can get you hooked onto it without letting you get bored very soon.

Its developers have added some unique maps that are only found in this game. Plus the closeness of footsteps getting closer, gunshots and crises everywhere giving you a very realistic battleground experience.

The question is can you survive to the next round?

Take enemies on land or while maneuvering a vehicle. You’ve got ton of options to skillfully survive and enjoy this popular graphics game.

What I Liked

  • Beautiful Graphics
  • Consumes lesser resources

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Free Fire

Free Fire

Another Battle Royale game, developed & published by Asia’s largest gaming platform- Garena Studios. Although it had been released by end of 2017, the game gained popularity from 2019 onwards and has had over 100 million registered users.

In a 10-minute game, Free Fire is played against 49 players giving a Battle Royale experience much like PUBG but ideal for a quick game.

Here the developers have kept in mind the dislikes of many who prefer aggressive games against other activities like camping and exploring.

It features impressive visual graphics with a good voice chat feature. Making it ideal to plan out strategy with fellow game-mates.

You can create a squad of 4 members. Make your strategy and even mark weapons for fellow team-mates.

Possibilities are many in this game like being in the safe zone and ready to aim, driving multiple vehicles, hide and ambush and even snipe out your enemies.

With an easy to use controls and smooth graphics this game makes it clear to have one goal in mind- kill and survive until the end.

What I Liked

  • Vehicles all over the map
  • Easy to find weapons
  • Increase or decrease the difficulty level to upgrade characters
  • Dynamic whether in Classic Game Play Mode

Battle Ops Royal Strike Survival

Basically, this game is for all the lovers of PUBG and Counter Strike. The developers have given a Battle Royale feel and multiple Counter Strike weapons with additional rocket launchers and insane mods.

You can create your battle ops royal room where 30 players can play with you. Enter the battleground and get weapons. Show your skills in this real action shooter fps game.

There are 21 new battle ground maps with lots of weapons like pistols, machine guns, snipers and grenades.

If you love exploration then this game offers a case system just like PUBG. Keep your collectibles and use until the end

What I liked

  • Unlocking system of new weapons
  • Comfortable game play
  • Cases and Skins are free forever

Survivor Royale

Survival Royale

Created by the makers of Rules of Survival this is a perfect alternative to PUBG Mobile. You can hardly notice any difference between Survivor Royal and PUBG Mobile.

Having impressive graphics with great controls, you will enjoy this game with 100 players to fight against. Similar to PUBG Mobile, the last man standing, wins the game.

Getting the grip of this game is pretty easy. As the controls are very intuitive.

Here, there is a “Safe Circle” concept which contracts over the period of 20 minutes, very much similar to the “Safe Zone” of PUBG Mobile.

With extra-large maps, decent geography and diverse buildings, the game play becomes very realistic. You can go solo, DUAL or team up to create a team of 4.

Even the weapons and vehicles are so realistic you will feel like playing again and again. Additionally, Survivor Royale also offers a cool mode like “Firework Night”.

Here you’re up against the enemies with only firework weapons to survive and defend yourself. Making it challenging and fun.

What I Liked

  • Less resource consuming
  • Aiming & Shooting smooth motion control

Hopeless Land

Mobile battle royale game Hopeless Land

The most specialized Battle Royale game, Hopeless Land has only one aim, to survive this fatal game. One of the most strategic and fatal experience you will encounter while playing this game.

Developed by a team who carries rich experience in creating shooting games. Thus, all actions like running, hiding, shooting, etc. are designed with motion capture. That delivers a smooth game play.

Opening with 121 players who parachute to perilous hopeless land try to survive by the help of their team mates, guns and strategies, slowly moving towards final safe zone, striving for victory iron triangle.

This game is designed with various styles of Asian buildings, inspired by real ancient and modern constructions. Choose your most suitable battleground and start your survival journey.

Be it land, sea or air. Hopeless Land has vehicles, motor boats and helicopters which adds to the thrill of experiencing a Battle Royale warfare.

You can also mark your markings exactly on the map for planning a strategy. Use the in-game voice communication and leverage all this to your advantage.

What I Liked

  • Low device requirements
  • Simple controls that help you get started

Bullet Strike Sniper Battlegrounds

Bullet Strike Sniper Battlegrounds

From the studios of Horus Entertainment this game is sure to give you the best 3D sniper shooting experience. With dozens of modern sniper guns and their attachments, you will definitely get hooked on to it.

You will experience real-time killing shots, become a sniper assassin and fight other snipers worldwide. Unlock multiple new and powerful sniper rifles and other armors like RPG, Bazzoka, ad grenades.

This game is built with 2 modes – PvE and PvP. PvE mode gets you ready and familiar with multiplayer sniper games. After you are ready, you can select the PvP mode to fight real snipers warriors worldwide.

The best thing about this type is that you get unfair matchmaking where its normal to see a player at level 1 fighting against a player at level 25.

Another cool feature of this game is the free shooting games battle, which you will have to win by killing all your sniper targets. Whether hidden behind walls or far-away targets.

You can opt for better and powerful piercing bullets to achieve that. Remember, the farther you kill your target, the higher your achievements will be.

Bullet Strike offers the most exciting free shooter game where in one sniper shot is like one challenge, can you make it to the top?

What I Liked

  • Small size Download
  • The experience of that one killing sniper shot
  • Playing against sniper warriors worldwide
  • Killing most, to open free battles
  • Unfair Matchmaking

Last Battleground

Last Battleground

Last Battleground Survival is an action-packed first-person shooting game. Where you face 32 players for a Battle Royale experience, parachuted on a deserted island. Like every other player, your goal is also to survive until the end.

With lots of dangers that you will have to overcome. Search for weapons and live ammo, and make your way by smoothly staying in the safe zone. Wait to kill your enemies and come out victorious by defeating everyone.

With simple controls to dodge, run, shoot and handle your character’s life pack. The game-play offered by Last Battleground makes it very easy to handle your match plus if you get good, there are chances you will most often win.

But, like how every other Battle Royale game requires a strategy, this too would need one. Plan a good strategy with proper inventory and you will most probably become tough to get defeated.

Remember not to reveal your position to nearby enemies. Stealth is the key over here. Travel by vehicle or run. But be in the safe zone as soon as possible.

The game turns to your advantage if you are already waiting in the safe zone to kill the running enemies who are hurryingly trying to get closer and survive in the safe zone. Making it a decent alternative to PUBG Mobile.

What I Liked

  • Easy controls to get hold of
  • Weapons and Packs
  • Silent Killing
  • Match time not more than 10 to 15 minutes

Call of Duty Mobile: Battle Royale

A big enough Battle Royale game by Activision, Call of Duty Mobile has got a new mode called the BR mode where you have to fight for last man standing just like any other Battle Royale games, with 100 players in each match.

You jump from the plane and land on a map which has lots of unique areas, such as rivers, hills, and mesas but the fun part is the old content. The developers have added the maps (old content) from the standard game modes.

All those old maps which most of the Call of Duty players are very well accustomed with from across all the Call of Duty franchise — into one single full map of the Battle Royale.

You are given specific categories named as “CLASSES” such as Defender, Mechanic, Scout, Clown, etc. Making diversification between each class and the role to be performed by you if when selected a team BR match.

Another cool feature added by Call of Duty is the Zombie bots. Where you can fight against zombies and other 99 human players.

This is a cool idea where the concept of surviving and winning stays the same as PUBG Mobile but a little difference just spice things up.

Airdrops, flares, light helicopters, tactical rafts, vehicles like SUV, ATG etc. and safe zones all make it just as similar to PUBG Mobile.

What I Liked

  • Graphics
  • Classes with role differentiation
  • Sniping smoothly while rafting
  • Rocket Launcher blasts
  • Mix of Zombie bots and human
  • Boss Fights


So these were all the best games like PUBG Mobile. The best one which I liked from this list is Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale with lots of things to do. But again that needs a moderately resourceful mobile phone.

If you are on a budget phone, you could try other games like Last Battleground and Bullet Strike Sniper Battlegrounds. Well, try out a few and do let me which one you liked, in the comments section below.

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