5 Best Rabbit Alternatives to Watch (2021)

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Rabbit not working as usual. Don’t get upset as we brought best rabbit alternatives to keep you busy.

Our world today runs on communication. The barrier of distance is slowly breaking down as we reach across cities, countries, and continents to connect for business or family love.

The development of technology tears down all limits to let you send messages, send pictures, or share moments through the internet.

Online networking apps let you chat via text or voice and enjoy a relaxing, fun time watching movies and videos with your friends and family even when you are miles apart.

The Rabbit app was one such app that closed after a satisfying run of 6 years in 2019.

best rabbit alternatives

Even though users were left in a dilemma looking for such an application, soon, more applications came up with an enhanced experience.

Here, we have noted some of these fantastic apps that are the new way of bingeing together even at long distances.

Top 5 Rabbit Alternatives


Kosmi rabbit alternative

Kosmi is coming up as one of the most impressive sites when it comes to virtual hangout sessions. This browser application is not only easy to access and sign up for, but it also makes connecting so easy.

All you need to do is create a room. After that, invite your friends by sharing a unique link to your room. You also get the chance to make or join a public space and enjoy a fun time with a new pack of friends.

Streaming Netflix, Amazon Prime, Twitch, and synced local videos have never been this easy. This application is not only about getting to watch movies together.

You can also set up game rooms and pick from the top games of NES/SNES Emulators, Quake 3, Texas Hold’em Poker, or the Virtual Card Table and have a blast with your friends.

Kosmi has a lot to offer, and that is countless. The platform continually strives to bring out the best technological advances to enhance your overall experience!



Simplicity is the best policy! Twoseven is quickly emerging as a real-time group streaming platform. This app aims to keep things simple for its users.

The first step is to sign up via your email or Facebook account. You can then browse through the various streaming applications like Amazon Prime, Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, and any other offline video you choose to share.

Add the application’s extension and quickly start sharing anything you wish even when you are far apart!

What makes your experience even more fun on Twoseven is that it is not only about streaming movies together and chatting through voice or text! You can catch their reaction through the webcam.

They aim to create an efficient real-time experience with every click where you and your friend sync at both ends.

Whether you are using the extension as a free user or a premium customer, the quality of the service you receive is never compromised!


netflix party

What makes you happier than your favorite streaming service? It may be creating a platform for you and your clan to hangout!

Netflix brought masses together where they can enjoy their favorite shows together.

The Netflix Party extension is made available for the Google Chrome browser. The only thing you need to do to get started is to download the extension. Then you and your friends need to log into your accounts.

The host can create a room, adding everyone. And then you can start bingeing on the endless list of movies you have planned to watch together.

You can enjoy the film and chat with your friends on a chat window that sits on the lower right of your screen, talking about whatever you want!

Even though you only get to pick out your watchlist from this one server, the streaming quality is unbeatable.

The screen you share is synced perfectly to eliminate any lagging or buffering on any one side.

Just log in to the extension as you would log in to your account with your friends. Watch the extension turn to read and know that the party has begun!



Send out an invitation to your friends from Togethertube, a standard streaming application that isn’t only about streaming but a whole lot of fun!

You can always make plans of watching some entertaining videos on Vimeo, YouTube, or daily motion with your group.

Still, on a busy schedule, want to keep your promise of spending some quality time after this long-distance?

Togethertube lets you create a playlist and share songs with your partner or your group on its SoundCloud feature. You can keep on working and still feel connected as you share songs!

All you need to do is log in, create a private room, and add as many friends as you want to.

All those added can add their videos of choice in this room, and then everyone gets to vote on what video to watch!

The host can also grant public access to the room and have a new list of content to pick. 

Togethertube is the entire package for a relaxed time with your long-distance buddies.

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alternative to rabbit metastream

Metastream is an excellent Rabbit alternative as it is a step ahead in terms of the top-notch service it provides.

Metastream promises an excellent synchronization experience. While streaming videos, you and your friends are at the same pace, and every choice is quickly put up on the screen.

It connects you to the most used streaming service, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, and more.

You can easily throw out the trouble of browning the long list of movies every time with its easy to add queue option. Sit back and let the marathon begin!

This easy-to-use extension does not take up any time from your fun. It asks for no login information.

You only need a quick click to add the extension to your Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser.

Metastream aims to create an experience that is simple and direct. It avoids any confusion for users and continues to chat through the streaming experience or sharing audio.

You can also have a small window at the corner of your stream that lets you use your webcam and watch your buddy like they are right beside you!

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