11 Pushbullet Alternatives You Can Try in 2023

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Pushbullet is one of the most used utility tools, which is used to transfer files between your PC and Android Devices. Pushbullet also helps users to send Text messages from their PC, see their Android phone’s notifications, share links between PC and phone, send messages directly to Whatsapp, Kik, etc., and much more. Still, so many people look for Pushbullet alternatives I will tell you why?

The free version of Pushbullet comes with limitations compared to the Pro version.

The free version of Pushbullet comes with the limitation of sending files up to 25MB only, and the free version provides only 2GB of storage space.

Compared to the Free version, the Pro version of Pushbullet provides up to 1GB for sending files and 100GB of storage space. It also gives pro features like Mirroring your Notifications actions from your Android to PC and Universal Copy & Paste between Android and PC.

However, the Pro version charges around $39.99/year and $4.99/Month, which is high for students.

Fortunately, whoever is searching, there are several free alternatives to pushbullet, which you can use for free. Check out these 10 best Pushbullet alternatives that may be more suitable for you. 

10 Best Free Pushbullet Alternatives

1. AirDroid

AirDroid is a powerful and best alternative when it comes to Pushbullet alternatives.

With AirDroid, you can transfer unlimited files between your PC and Android or iPhone devices, and you can also manage your phone files remotely. Also, you can access your notification from your PC, and you can send & receive messages and emails from apps like Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Line, Gmail, etc.

Airdriod pushbullet alternative

The one thing which separates AirDroid from Pushbullet and makes it the best is its remote control feature in which you can directly access the screen of your phone in your respaced PCs. It will mirror your Android or iPhone interface to your PC, which means you can control your Android or iPhone devices directly from your PC.  Android has a lot of resource-intensive tools, which makes it a little laggy sometimes.

Airdroid also provides a beautiful interface for PC that is used to access all the features provided by Airdroid, which web.airdroid.com can access on PC.

However, After giving some additional features like Remote control and unlimited file sharing, Airdroid lacks some features like universal copy & paste and features like the ability to share links.

Another drawback of AirDroid is that it isn’t too easy to set up and has a paid version. However, AirDroid only charges a $2.50 monthly fee if billed annually, just half of the Pushbullet charges.  

You can also buy their monthly plan at $3.99/month and Quarterly plan at $3.23/month billed quarterly.

Availability: Android, IOS, Windows, MacOSX, and AirDroid Web supports all web browsers.

Download Link: AirDroid (Free) 

2. My Phone – Windows Companion

My Phone pushbullet alternative

My Phone is a Windows program designed by Microsoft that offers some of the Pushbullet features. My Phone is not yet a full-service device manager, but Microsoft claims that they will update the app with additional features.

Currently, My Phone may be used to view and transfer images, see and respond to text messages, make and receive calls from your PC, and check Skype alerts. It has recently gained popularity because of its easy-to-use interface, and additional improvements in the future are highly likely.

It’s important to note that this specific app is only compatible with Windows and Android, so it is certainly worth checking out if you use an Android phone and a Windows PC.

Availability: Android and Windows

Download Link: Windows (Free), Android (Free)

3. KDE Connect

KDE Connect is an open-source project which aims to communicate with all devices.

KDE Connect is an excellent alternative if you want to make changes and want any custom commands in KDE Connect. Hence it is open-source. Any users can make changes to this app.

KDE Connect alternative to pushbullet

KDE Connect provides features like Multimedia file sharing with unlimited size, Can give access to read your Android notifications from the PC, access incoming calls and SMS directly from your PC, and provide universal copy & paste between your Android and PCs, and also share URL links between your devices.

KDE Connect also provides fantastic features which can turn your Android devices into a touchpad for a PC from which you can control your mouse movement using your mobile screen.

Users can add fully customizable commands like shutting down their PC from their Android device, locking the PC, or any other predefined command available for their respective computers.

KDE is limited to several devices.

Availability: Android, Windows, MacOSX, and Linux

Download: KDE Connect (Free)

4. Crono

For users searching for an advanced and best notification mirroring experience for their PC, then Crono can be the best Pushbullet alternative, even better than the AirDroid. 

Crono comes with a Lightning fast push notification that can receive notifications, phone calls, Slack messages, and Whatsapp messages straight to your PC.


Just like Pushbullet, Crono comes with almost the same features like file transfer up to 25MB, link sharing, and also users can share their clipboard of the phone to PC.

Crono also comes with a Find Your Phone feature, which helps users find their phone by ringing the phone directly from the user’s PC.

Crono also comes with a Premium version which will cost $1.68/month, $13.77/year, or $50.98 for lifetime access which is very cheap compared to Pushbullet.

Availability: Android, Windows, MacOSX, and all web browsers.

Download: Crono (Free)

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5. AirMore

AirMore is a convenient pushbullet alternative to transfer files between phone devices and PCs.It is a cross-platform tool that can work on Android and iPhone.

Unlike Pushbullet, AirMore provides a feature of Multimedia Streaming which helps users to stream music, videos, and pictures to their PC quickly without transferring it.

AirMore also comes with all the other features like File transfer, making and receiving calls, sending and receiving messages directly from your PC, and features like Screen mirroring and controlling.

Availability: Android, iPhone, Windows, MacOSX, and all web browsers.

Download: AirMore (Free)

6. EasyJoin

EasyJoin is a very new app in the Android ecosystem relative to Pushbullet, but it has gained huge popularity very quickly among computer geeks.

EasyJoin comes with unlimited-size file transfer features, accessing devices notifications and alarms, sending and receiving messages, and sharing links between phones and PCs. 

Can call directly from the PC.

EasyJoin also provides features to remote control your PC using the phone by converting the phone screen with a mouse action.

Availability: Android and Windows, MacOSX, Linux, and all web browsers.

Download: EasyJoin (Free)

7. Join by joaoapps

Join allows users to do stuff remotely on their Android devices and PCs very quickly. Compare to all other pushbullet alternatives; Join comes with more features.

It supports all other features of Pushbullet like receiving and accessing notifications, sending and receiving SMS, and MMS, and other messaging apps like Whatsapp. It can be used to share and copy content from an Android clipboard, transfer unlimited-size files between Android devices and PC, and comes with features like finding Your Android device to locate your device location by making it ring loud. 

Unlike other pushbullet alternatives, Join comes with some remarkable features like using Google Assistant on PC, opening web pages remotely, taking screenshots of Android devices, and users can write directly from PCs in Android devices.

Join can also be integrated with Deep Tasker to make custom actions like opening App settings and asking queries to users’ devices. Using Deep Tasker with Join, users can fully customize the Join app if users want.

Join is only free for 30 days trial, and its premium version comes with a one-time payment of $4.99.

Availability: Android and Windows and all web browsers.

Download: Join (Trial of 30 Days)

8. ApowerMirror

ApowerMirror is a screen mirroring app for Android and IOS devices and the best pushbullet alternative for iPhone users.

ApowerMirror also comes with features like pushbullet, but it can mirror android devices with audio which means users can play games and watch videos by casting your android or IOS devices with wired USB or through WIFI wirelessly.

ApowerMirror pushbullet alternatives iphone android

Some highlighted features of ApowerMirror are pretty interesting, including casting users’ PCs to their respective devices, which means users can control their PCs directly from the phone device. Using ApowerMirror, we can mirror one phone to another phone, and we can control the other phone using any android or iPhone device.

Other features include controlling mobile devices with the PC’s mouse and keyboard, which can be used to play games, watch videos, record the screen of different devices, including PC from mobile, add notes, and much more. 

ApowerMirror also works on SmartTV.

Availability: Android, iPhone, Windows, and  MacOSX 

Download:  ApowerMirror (Free)

9. MightyText

MightyText can be an impressive pushbullet alternative if the user is searching for a tool to manage its all messaging app from the PC.


MightyText can manage all the messaging apps like Whatsapp, Snapchat, and Uber directly from your PC and schedule SMS. MightyText can also send mail from Gmail and access few notifications like low battery alerts and priority ringing.

Availability: Android and Windows

Download: MightyText (Free)

10. Snapdrop


Snapdrop is a quick and simple app to transfer files between different devices. It is an open-source web-based app that functions on all platforms.

The finest features of Snapdrop include its lightning-fast speed, ability to share many files at once, and no advertisements, and all of your file transfers are secured utilizing the TLS protocol. A standard WiFi access point is required to access its features on all your devices.

When your PC and smartphone are connected to the same WiFi network, you can start sharing the files.

Availability: Android, iOS, Windows, and the Web

Download Link: (Free)

11. Bridge


Bridge helps the users receive alerts, respond to messages, and access the clipboard across multiple devices. It is very similar to Pushbullet, but it lacks functionality, such as call support and file sharing.

It features a web-based portal where all the alerts are stored and can be checked later. If you use Bridge on multiple devices all the alerts are saved on the web-based portal. When you reply to a notification, the alert is automatically deleted from your smartphone.

Bridge has a web-based interface, and proper security measures must be applied. It has end-to-end encryption for that reason. Users can acquire the Full version of the app for the one-time charge of $3.99.

Availability: Android, Web

Download Link: Bridge (Free Trial for 7 days, Full version available)

Try Out These Pushbullet Alternatives

Pushbullet is undoubtedly a brilliant app, but it has many limitations, and it lacks many unique features compared to its alternatives. If you search for the best Pushbullet alternatives, try the apps mentioned above and try them out. Let us know your thoughts and suggestions in the comments sections below. Also, if you think that we miss out on any app, drop them down too.

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