How to Report Someone on Discord [Step-by-Step]

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Discord is an awesome place to hang out. It was initially designed keeping gamers in mind.

But, soon its appeal started rising among different kinds of people and other hobbyists across the world.

It’s a great way to bring people together. But, it also has its own problems. The level of toxicity increases and sooner or later people do get offended.

This article will help you handle such toxicity by showing you how to report someone on Discord, if you need to.

How to report Someone on Discord
How to report someone on discord

There will always be those times when someone says something in the chat window, that violates Discord’s community guidelines.

Reporting the user directly to Discord, depends upon the severity of the message he or she has typed. This is even applicable for severs. Servers too can get reported if the admin is not following the guidelines.

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Steps on How to Report Someone on Discord

Majority of users on Discord are intelligent, calm, and matured. That is just a place for them to hang out, discuss different ideas, and share their common topics/interests.

There will be a hanky-panky one or two who spoil it for others. When such incidents take place, people talk to them, or admins/moderators of the server will take them down.

Reporting someone on Discord should be kept as the last resort of activity.

But in-case if you have to, then you will have to perform a few steps in order to report someone on Discord who is harassing, bullying, spamming, or being abusive in the chat.

Step 1 – Check Message Violation

If the message does not fall into the following categories, I would recommend not to report that person.

Activities and/or messages with zero tolerance on Discord are as follows;

  • Harassing someone
  • Repeatedly Posting Spam Messages
  • Violating Intellectual Property rights
  • Share of Child Pornography
  • Promoting Self Harm
  • Malware distribution, piracy, phishing, hacking – all are prohibited
  • Improper labeling of NSFW channels
  • Sharing content with the intent of shaming another user
  • Threating other user’s physical or financial state
  • Trying to steal another user’s account information
  • Sharing images of animal cruelty

Keep in mind that for reporting someone on Discord, the message should fall in either one of the above mentioned categories.

You can always talk to the person who has lost their track. Such closely knit online communities always have an extra edge over bringing people out of such dark places/thoughts.

If you’re the owner of the

There is one more thing to know in this first step – If the message is deleted after you’ve sent the report, disciplinary action can be taken. However, there is no way to report a message that has already been deleted.

Step 2 – Requirements

You will need to keep certain things handy with you if there is a need to report someone on Discord. Things you will need are the User ID, link of the message which violates the guidelines, and the Server ID.

So, prepare for these three requirements before going further to the next step.

Note: Messages will needed for evidence, so do not delete them

Step 3 – Switch On the Developer Mode

Like I said earlier, you will have to find the codes before you can report.

For seeing the ID codes, first you will have to turn on the Developer Mode. In order to turn on the Developer Mode, you will need to click the User Settings from the bottom left corner.

discord user settings

Once you open the User Settings, scroll down and click on Appearance. Scroll down and under the Advanced Section, you will find the Developer Mode.

Toggle the switch to on.

Step 4 – Get the Relevant ID Codes

Okay, so now you have switched on the Developer Mode, which means you can fetch the required codes.

Simply go to the message written by the user, right click on the username and select Copy ID. This is the user’s ID. Even if the user changes his/her username, this ID won’t change. Paste it somewhere in a notepad file

copy discord user id

Now, you will have to get the link of the offensive message, typed by that user.

To do that, click on the three dots on the right side of the user’s message and select Copy Message Link. This will copy the link of the message paste it in the file.

copy discord message link

Now you will need to locate the Server ID, where the violation had occurred.

For getting the Server ID, locate the server on the left-side pane. Right click on the server icon and click the Copy ID. That will copy the server’s ID

copy server id

Step 5 – Send your Report to Discord

After getting the User ID, Message Link, and Server ID you will need to send your report to Discord.

For doing so, you will have to go to Discord’s Trust & Safety Request Center. Enter your email address, the one you use for logging into Discord. Select your report type according to the options in the drop down menu available to you.

discord trust and safety request center

Write a clear subject line. Followed by describing the report with relevant User ID, message link, and Server ID. If you have taken some screenshots then it is advisable to attach those files with the same report.

Send the report and Discord will take care of the rest. That’s about it on how to report someone on Discord.

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