Google Drive Alternative – Dropbox, Mega, OneDrive

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Cloud-based systems are becoming a trend whether it is cloud computing or storage, many organizations, companies and users are switching from a local system to a cloud-based system.

One of the popular storage is google drive, but sometime you may face google drive errors like waiting to upload or may run out of storage.

In that case looking for google drive alternative is a good idea.

Nowadays cloud storage is getting very popular because it is shareable and it has too much storage limit.

In the early days, Cloud storage was not popular because it required high-speed internet. 

Now that internet speed and its technology is increasing, cloud storage is getting people attention.

Google Drive is best for users who love Google and its interface. 

Google drive is preinstalled in android device and comes with free storage, users do not mind using that storage for their benefits. Google Drive can store any kind of file whether it is Zip, document or any kind of media file. 

Another thing about Google drive is that it has integrated apps that can help you view any media or document files (pdf, docx etc) without downloading the file.

But some users might find Google drive user-interface difficult to handle and may want to switch to Google drive alternative cloud storage system.

google drive alternative
Google Drive Alternative – Dropbox, Mega, OneDrive

5 Best Google Drive Alternative


The King in cloud storage, Dropbox is been there for a long time. Dropbox offers 2 GB of Free storage and it can be increased when you connect your social media account and refer your friend in Dropbox.

Features of Dropbox

  • Online Microsoft office edit for Free
  • Very Secure
  • View Files online
  • Customize notifications

Dropbox Plans

Dropbox Basic – It is free with 2 GB space and more space can be earned with using money as mentioned before.

Dropbox Plus  – It is a paid plan of $9.99 per month ($99 for Year) and it will give you 1 TB of Storage. In addition, it offers offline folder on mobile, remote device wipe and Priority email support.

Dropbox Professional – This plan comes with 2TB of Storage and it will cost you $19.99 per month ($199 for Year). It offers services like Smart sync and advance sharing control.

Dropbox Business – It includes business plans: Standard – $12 per user, Advanced – $20 per user.

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It was initially released in January 2013. Mega provides cloud storage and files hosting service to its users. Mega limited is a New Zealand Based company which has over 100 million users over 245 countries. 

It is very good google drive alternative as there is a Mega app which can be used in iOS and Android which gives the user freedom to upload and download the files and also it is great to sync client files in the desktop.

For the sake of client security, Mega assured that all the data stored in the cloud is encrypted. Application encrypts the data first before uploading to the server. To prove this Mega released its source code to the client. So the expert can check that data is safe.

Features of Mega

  • User-friendly interface
  • Chat service – Mega chat
  • Browser extension
  • Data encryption from client-side
  • Stream media files

Mega Plans

Mega Free – Offers with 15 GB of storage and it is free for the registered users. More storage can be earned with rewards.

Mega Pro-lite – In this plan you will get 200 GB of Storage for $5.79 per month.

Mega Pro I – This plans offers 1TB storage for $11.59 per month.

Mega Pro II – This plan is the best buy which offers 8TB of Storage for $23.19 per month.


One is another google drive alternative and its competitor. OneDrive is a cloud storage service which is integrated into Windows 10 so you don’t have to download any additional file if you are using Windows 10. 

OneDrive also was known as Skydrive is operated by Microsoft. It can be used on various platforms like Android, Windows phones, iOS devices, windows, MacOS and Xbox consoles.

As this service has integrated Microsoft office, users are allowed to view, share and edit the office files. In the subscription of Microsoft office, there is free storage from 1TB to 5 TB.

Features of OneDrive

  • View, share and edit MS Office documents
  • Support many devices
  • Desktop synchronization
  • Remote device wiping
  • Collaboration tools

OneDrive Plans

OneDrive Basic – Comes with 5 GB storage and it is free. It can be accessed through a web or mobile app.

OneDrive 50 GB – Offers 50 GB of storage for just $1.99 per month.

OneDrive Business Plan 1 – This plan offers 1TB of storage per users for $60 per year with a 15GB upload file size limit.

OneDrive Business Plan 2 – This plan offers unlimited Storage per user for $120 per year with same upload file size limit of 15GB.


Box is one of the oldest storage services which was released in 2005. Box has become very trending after box released its new plans for cloud storage. And it’s another very good google drive alternative in the market. 

Box is known for Secured file sharing, storage and collaboration. It was mainly designed for business for content management and file sharing.

Features of Box

  • Offers 10 GB Free Storage
  • Desktop Sync
  • Edit and view files on any device
  • Box notes – take notes and create the checklist
  • Secured with password protected link

Box Plans

Individual – Free 10 GB storage with upload file size limit of 250 MB.

Personal Pro – This plan offers 100 GB of storage with 5 GB upload file size limit for $10 per month.

Business Starter – It offers 100GB storage with 2 GB per file upload. Users from 3-10 with granular access and control for $5 per month.

Business – Offers unlimited storage with 5 GB per file upload. Minimum users are 3 with advance security reporting for $15 per month.

Business Plan – Unlimited Storage and 5 GB per file upload limit with minimum 3 users and it offers unlimited external collaborations for $25 per month.


It’s not very popular but it is another google drive alternative. SpiderOak is one of the best zero-knowledge cloud storage providers and it’s in trend. It offers collaboration tools, file hosting service and online backup.

Spideroak website guaranteed that user data is secured in their server they claim that after data is first encrypted on client machine before syncing with box cloud storage.

It supports many devices like Windows, Linux, Android, iOS and Mac. But application on Android and iOS is a read-only app that means the files can be viewed but can’t be edited. 

It can be accessed through web-interface but any people don’t use that because of the security concerns.

Features of Spideroak

  • User-friendly collaboration with
  • Backup unlimited computers
  • Command line option
  • Private encryption
  • Fast sync
  • Zero-Knowledge System (client-side encryption of data)

SpiderOak Plans

150 GB Plan – Offers 150 GB for $5 Per Month and $59 annually.

400 GB Plan – Offers 150 GB for $ 9 Per Month and $99 annually

2TB Plan – Offers 2 TB for $12 Per Month and $129 annually

5TB Plan – Offers 5 TB for $25 Per Month and $279 annually

These all plans offer unlimited devices support.

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