5 Best Gmail Alternative for Email Communication

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Email is the best thing that happened in this internet world. Now emails are the core communication source for business. It is not only used in the organization but also used by an individual for various purposes. Let’s have a look on 5 of the best gmail alternative.

One of biggest email services is Google we call it Gmail which used worldwide by many users especially people who use Google search engine and Gmail to sign in on other sites.  

Most people like Gmail services and its user interface and some people don’t like Gmail. The reason can be its new user-interface or lacking in some features. 

No matter what their reasons are there will be always an alternative for Gmail.

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best gmail alternative

5 Best Gmail Alternative

If you use Gmail and fed up of the same design and want to try some new service then here I listed some of the popular email services you can use. These best Gmail alternative for email communication are good like Gmail and offer cheap services.

Let’s Check out these google email alternatives 

1. Outlook

Outlook is part of Microsoft suit but it is mainly used as an email service. You might remember Hotmail.com now it is called outlook.com. It provides almost the same email service like Gmail. 

Outlook application is also integrated into Windows 10 which gives a rich experience to Windows users. 

And if you have a subscription for Microsoft office 365 then more outlook premium features will be available to you.

2. Zoho mail

Very few people have heard of Zoho mail but it’s getting popular among users because of its user-friendly interface and features. 

It provides features like calendar, task manager, instant chat, notes and apps used for business just like Google app for business. 

Zoho mail does not display add so it can be the best choice for those who don’t like ads. When you enter the site it will give to two choices: business or personal based on your choice the layout and features provided can be different.

3. Yahoo mail

In the past, the majority of people used Yahoo mail service as Yahoo search engine was famous. Nowadays, Google has taken over but yahoo mail can be a good choice as it has improved a lot. 

It is known for providing free email services and it offers unlimited storage, instant messaging, SMS texting and social networking. 

You can view media files without redirecting to other page and you can send 100 MB file or 50 files in a yahoo email.

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4. Mail.com

Mail.com is another alternative to Gmail. Mail.com provide very similar services and features to Gmail. One of the top features of Mail.com is file storage of 2GB, mobile service, mail collector and easy to use interface. 

Another thing is that it can provide ad-free, telephone support and POP3/IMAP service if you are a premium user. 

Moreover, it provides different email address domain like _______at engineer.com,_______at consultant.com, _______at journalist.com, _______at lawyer.com, _______at cheerful.com, _______at contractor.com and many more.

5. ProtonMail

ProtonMail is known for its encrypted mails service. It believed that ProtonMail service is more secure because of its smaller track surface and strong authentication. 

It provides features like an end to end encryption, zero-access to user data, no tracking and logging, open source cryptography, calendar, contacts, SSL (Secure Socket Layer) connection. 

ProtonMail is secured email-based service from Switzerland which is also available in Android, iOS and web-version.

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