7 Best Fishing Games for Android in 2023

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Best Fishing Games for Android

An activity of catching fishes, dates back from the pre-historic times. Humans have been fishing by different methods like hand gathering, netting, spearing, angling, etc.

Some do it for the fun of sport while others do it for food and business. But in present day and current pandemic situation it is difficult to pack fishing gear and get out to the nearest lakes or rivers.

Well, not to worry. I have some good news for you. This article will give you information about the 7 best fishing games for Android, where-in you will have multiple fishing options to choose from.

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I thoroughly admit that playing a fishing game from an Android app will not be as good as fishing in real. But, I ensure that these apps listed below will give a real feel.

Moreover, with additional features and player vs player duels, these apps will get you hooked.

Best Fishing Games for Android

Fishing Hook

fishing hook best game for android

This is a fishing game that has been developed keeping reality in mind. The developers have paid extra attention on the details like catching of fish, the tension in the line, vibrations on the phone, music, sounds and the pull of the reel.

It actually gives a pretty close experience of catching a fish in reality. Where you will find yourself most of the time on the boat with your line in the water.

Other features like fish challenges, achievements, rankings and multi-language support is also offered in this game. This game can also be played without the use of the Internet.

Although there are Ads, but this app does not force you to watch ads in return for any kind of booster or equipment – that is the nice part for most of the users.

Note: There is said to be some issues recently with Galaxy Note 5 with regards to automatic restore. But for most of the other users this game has given a very positive experience.

Permissions Asked

Access Photos, Media, FilesFor Sharing Function
Access ContactsFor Saving to Cloud
Make & Manage Phone CallsCall Stability – When you get call while playing the game

No. of Installs so far: 50,000,000+

Download on Google Play

Rapala Fishing

rapala fishing game for android

The game with daily fishing tournaments and other activities that doesn’t run on energy bars and various other timers. It is a freemium app that will let you play as often as you want without much restrictions.

Aiming for more realistic experience as the developers are trying to, but this game is not as good in terms of reality when compared to Fishing Hook. That said, it isn’t bad either.

The 3D fishing at 24 different locations around North America gives you the thrill to play more and more. Participating in various fish challenges and tournaments often gets you rewards like gears and lures.

Several gear upgrades for shallow, deep and medium waters is also available. Thereby, giving you a better chance at competing against your friends and other anglers.

The graphics providing close-up visuals above and below the water gives an immersive experience. Additionally, catching multiple species of fishes gives the ultimate thrill of fishing in reality

Note: You are offered tutorials that gets you started from novice level.

Permissions Asked

Read/Write External StorageFor Saving Purpose
Network & WiFiAllowing to view information about Network & WiFi
Wake & VibratePrevent phone from sleep & connect to phone vibrator
ContactsFor friendly matches

No. of Installs so far: 10,000,000+

Download on Google Play

Ultimate Fishing Simulator

Ultimate Fishing Simulator

A game with stunning graphics and realistic gameplay. This is a 3D fishing simulation game. Giving brilliant touches to even areas like flashes and shadows under the water – that is very enticing.

Ultimate Fishing Simulator immerses you into exciting fishing hours with 12 different real fishing locations around cities in North America and Europe like Warsaw, Hamburg, Paris, New York, Ottawa and much more.

Choose the right equipment and get on to comfortable seats on the boat to spend crazy hours in fun and excitement.

Moreover, this game also offers ice fishing besides the regular fishing environments found in other fishing games. For ice fishing, you will have to by the drill from the mechanical store.

With multiple species of fish found at various locations, this game also features activities and fishing tournaments that let you rank on leaderboards.

Permissions Asked

Network Access & ConnectionsView available networks and connectivity strength
VibrationsConnect to phone vibrator
WakePrevent phone from sleeping due to inactivity

No. of Installs so far: 5,000,000+

Download on Google Play

Monster Fishing 2020

real monster fishing best fishing games for android

Monster Fishing 2020 is a fierce and action-packed 3D fishing game. This game takes you on different holiday destinations around the world giving you a complete immersive fishing experience.

The app offers 250 different fish species all in 3D views that gives a complete satisfaction after catching your fish.

Catching of Whales is also included in this app without any additional downloads. You are thrown into 30 best fishing spots in the global oceans around the world.

The most appealing part to most of the users is that almost all fishing gears and equipment are given to you for free. You do not have to spend a single dime. Basic upgrades are required though, which is again free of cost.

Developers of this game claim that this fishing app will get you completely immersed and make your palms sweat to catch the world’s big monstrous fishes.

Sounds fun isn’t it! Well, what are you waiting for, give it a shot.

Permissions Asked

Write External StorageFor storing game data
Read External StorageFor importing saved game data

Note: Deleting or Switching of mobile phone will delete the app data.

No. of Installs so far: 10,000,000+

Download on Google Play

Ace Fishing

ace fishing

This is one of the most popular Android games amongst all fishing lovers. You will jump into the blue waters and experience real 3D fishing adventure.

You can fish at spots like Hanauma Bay, Amazon River, China, etc. to catch the most exotic fishes of the world.

Ace Fishing comes with a tutorial in the beginning that sets you on the fishing track. This is helpful for newbies or people who want to start of fishing. Practice can be done in the Practice Room to master your fishing skills and get ready for the real deal.

The graphics is so nicely done that fish movements under the water, characteristics captured of the fish, and finally the fish appearing in front of you on the screen gives a real feeling.

All the complicated mechanics of fishing gear are made easy with the most customizable fishing rods and lines of different lengths that make fishing a piece of cake. This game also allows you to craft and customize your lure to catch better and rank higher.

The global leaderboard of Ace Fishing allows you to compete in fishing tournaments conducting real player vs. player games from all around the world. Records can easily be broken by reeling in the biggest fish.

Note: All records are automatically saved while you enjoy the game.

Permissions Asked

StorageStoring of game data
PhoneProceeding with in-game events without affecting phone calls
ContactsRequired to sync friend list and google account

No. of Installs so far: 10,000,000+

Download on Google Play

Fishing Clash

fishing clash for android

Fishing Clash is a Bass Hunting interesting 3D fishing game which is most downloaded for one of its best feature called real-time PvP (Player vs. Player).

Catching more and more of valuable and unique fish species will take you to the top of the leaderboards defeating other anglers.

Multiple fascinating locations like Florida Coast, Guntersville, Amazon River, the Great Barrier Reef, Loch Ness and many more with 3D visuals give an amazing realistic feeling.

There are time-specific events like each week this game comes with new weekly in-game events and you are also offered multiple championships to take part in.

Select the right fishing gear, upgrade different lures and reach higher levels. Unlock new fisheries and get access to new fishes. There are multiple species like catfish, crappie, bass, trout, salmon, barracuda, sharks and whales.

Note: It is a combination of fishing simulator, outdoor fishing app and a sports game. You can choose between sport fishing, bass fishing, even fly fishing or any other method of catching big fishes.

Permissions Asked

WiFi ConnectionTo view and manage WiFi connections
InternetReceiving data from internet
StartupRun at startup
VibrationConnect to phone vibrator
WakePrevent phone from sleeping due to inactivity

No. of Installs so far: 10,000,000+

Download on Google Play

Professional Fishing

professional fishing

The developers of this app claim that you will never fall asleep while fishing…

Meaning, Professional Fishing will get you hooked and the game and immerse yourself deep into fishing with very relaxing sounds.

With realistic 3D world experience, you will feel like a perfect angler fishing in the real world.

Professional Fishing allows you to compete against other players from around the world, play multiple tournaments, earn rewards and climb up the rankings on the leaderboard.

This app comes with over 30 different species of fishes from around the world. Inspired by real fishing locations Professional Fishing already comes with 9 large locations.

You also get a chance to choose and select the boat of your choice. The best part of this game is that you can fiddle with the advanced graphics setting and run this game even on older phones.

Permissions Asked

StorageRead/Write content
Access Photos, Media, FilesFor sharing function
Network Access & ConnectionsTo view & manage network connections
InternetReceiving data from internet
VibrationConnect to phone vibrator
WakePrevent phone from sleeping due to inactivity

No. of Installs so far: 1,000,000+

Download on Google Play


Go on and try a few from these 7 best fishing games for Android and do let me know your feedback in the comments section.

Almost all of them are built in a way to give you realistic feel that will get you immersed in the gameplay.

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