Similar Apps Like Discord for Voice Chat (For Gamers)

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Most of the people who love to play games online with their friend use an external voice chat application to stay connected to their friends.

Now it is standard fare in the gaming communities. If you play PUBG game you definitely heard about Discord App for voice chat.

These voice chat applications also expanding and developing features every week.

Not only these applications help you stay connected with your friends but also allow you to share your gameplay, screenshots and more in the video gaming community.

Discord is the best software on the market which provides rich voice chatting experience to its users.

It is a free app and it is available on almost every platform: Windows, Linux, Android, iOS and web application. 

On this application, you can create a server, channel, groups for a separate game or for a separate purpose.

Discord size has increased and its demands for internet bandwidth has increased in past years. Which is something that not everyone has? 

Not only that, some player faces fps drops and stutters and decreases in-game performance while using discord playing game. So, we have a list for 5 best alternatives of Discord: Voice chat and text

5 Best Alternative to Discord

Best Discord Alternative
Best Discord Alternative


TeamSpeak is another free app that is available on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS (mobile users can’t operate server through mobile). 

It’s almost similar to Mumble in design and control but offers many unique features. 

Moreover, it is a most used application for voice chat after Discord as it does not use much GPU performance like Discord. 

It has a separate app for a server hosting and they also provide paid membership which provides more features and control to server hosting.


  • Offers High-quality voice chat
  • Flexible and powerful permissions system for better server customization
  • self-hosting + if you pay you will get more features
  • Offline/LAN functionality

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GameVox Discord Alternative

GameVox is one of top free voice chatting application which is developed for gamer and gaming community.  It allows creating Voice Server up to 6 concurrent users. 

In addition, you can add a custom look and feel which will be automatically applied when you join any server.

With the speed GameVox software introducing new feature it may surpass discord over time.


  • Voice servers up to 6 concurrent users
  • Customize theme
  • Custom Avatar
  • Allow unlimited users on the server


Mumble is another similar app like discord. It was created mainly for gamers. It is a free and open-source voice chat application which allow users to chat in large groups. 

There is a lot of debates on which application is batter Mumble or TeamSpeak.  Mumble is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Mumble popularity has increased over a month and many YouTubers use mumble for voice chat.


  • Low-latency Communication
  • A separate application for server hosting and more control
  • Dynamic channel filtering
  • Voice of IP application

Steam Chat

Steam is the biggest video game distribution platform developed by Valve. From the past, it has bug gaming community, voice chat and text services. 

Now looking at the excessive use of discord steam has improved its service of voice chat and text and provided more features.

Its new user interface is very impressive and it has a drag – group features. Now many users have switched back to steam.


  • More flexible friend list
  • Create groups and parties
  • Share videos, pictures, tweets and more
  • Available on web-application


Ventrilo is another VOIP (voice over IP) software specially designed for rich voice chat experience while gaming.

If you like simple user interface like discord then Ventrilo is best for you. 

Despite its very low CPU usage, it provides superior voice quality while gaming. All over, it can be a good choice for those who have not very powerful PC as it consumes less internet speed and CPU usage.


  • Friendly User-interface
  • Low CPU Usage
  • Take only required internet bandwidth
  • Encrypted data flow without any storage

In the end, all these applications are perfectly replacing discord. So, you can try it and choose one according to your taste and need.

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