5 Best Apps Like Siri for Android Users

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Siri, the modern voice assistant, has become a handy app for all iOS users. Its efficiency has made it easier than ever for users to handle various tasks on their devices. But this made Android users feel a certain sense of void since iOS users seem to have access to all user-oriented features and functions.

In this digitized world, having control over your digital devices is becoming prevalent. But luckily, the benefit of having a voice assistant in your phone isn’t only limited to iOS users because there are now numerous apps like Siri for Android, which you can use to have a virtual assistant of your own.

So, here’s a list of the top 5 apps like Siri for all Android users out there. Now, you’ll no more feeling left out by your iOS owner friends.

Comparison of Best 5 Siri Android Alternatives

AppsBest Feature
Google AssistantAll-in-one virtual assistant that can be accessed easily from anywhere
RobinRecognizes and responds to any accent and give directions on the map accurately
HoundEasily and effectively responds to complicated queries and follow-up questions
Amazon AlexaCan be integrated with other devices and accessed from any part of your home
JarvisCan be trained with your own voice commands to offer special voice recognition features

Top 5 Android Apps Like Siri for Android

apps like siri for android

If you want an alternative to Siri for your Android device but don’t want to go through the hassle of finding them, here are the best 5 apps. These applications will not let you miss out on any features offered by Siri.

You can use them to make your Android phone’s functioning better and more efficient. After all, why should iOS users have all the fun? So, scroll below and check them out now!

1.    Google Assistant

It goes without saying that Google Assistant is one of the most commonly used apps like Siri for Android. It’s the superhero of all virtual assistants and is available for iOS and Android users. Google keeps updating this app and offers its users a wide array of advanced features.

You can undoubtedly ask general questions to this digital assistant, but there’s much more you can do with this app. Are you wondering what they are? Check out its features described below.

Key Features

  • Enables you to access relevant and important information like upcoming events, daily schedule, and more
  • Gives you control over your smartphone by helping you automatically adjust the volume, brightness, etc.
  • Helps you launch apps, take screenshots, perform calculations, unit conversions, translations, and much more

2.    Robin

Part of what makes Siri more convenient for users is its speed. You only have to say ‘Hi Siri,’ and Siri will be there right at your service. But when you’re looking for apps like Siri for Android, whose functioning is similar to Siri in terms of fast booting while being lightweight, Robin is your knight in shining armor!

It is an AI-integrated voice assistant explicitly created to make your driving sessions easier, but it isn’t limited to this feature only. Here are some exclusive features of Robin.

Key Features

  • Helps in navigation and directs the right way to reach any destination, whether it’s a new restaurant or your office
  • Recognizes a wide variety of accents, and you can send long texts through speech-to-text conversion
  • Responds and boots quickly through just a tap on the microphone button, making Robin highly convenient

3.    Hound

Now, the next that comes on our list is Hound. It is often considered one of the best alternatives to Siri in the virtual assistant community. Supported by natural language processing, this is one of the best siri like apps for android that recognizes your natural voice instantly and strives to become your best friend.

From asking simple questions to more complex ones, Hound, similar to its name, is like a pet that always stays by your side. It is always there when you need its assistance. Thanks to its easy-to-access and easy-to-use quality! However, the following are a few more elite features of this app.

Key Features

  • Responds to complex and detailed questions and answers follow-up questions too
  • Helps you find and discover music and control various apps like Spotify with hands-free control
  • Lets you set alarms, timers, access maps, weather forecasts, latest news, make calls and send texts – all through voice commands

4.    Amazon Alexa

If Amazon is your frequent online shopping destination, chances are there that you’re already familiar with Amazon Alexa. It is an efficient and versatile virtual assistant that gives you access to the entire ecosystem of Amazon, such as Amazon Shopping, Amazon Prime, Amazon Music, and more.

The best thing about Alexa is that it will respond to you from anywhere in your home. It can even answer when you are in the kitchen and Alexa maybe lounging in the living room. However, apart from this unique feature, this app has many other immersive traits, as stated below.

Key Features

  • Enables you to connect to various other devices and services using the Alexa Skills feature
  • Answers all your trivia and questions and updates you on weather forecasts, sports scores, and the like.
  • Allows you to perform basic functions hands-free, such as making calls, sending texts, setting alarms, and more.

5.    Jarvis

Jarvis is a good choice if you are looking for a simple and easy-to-use virtual assistant. Having the most stylish interface, Jarvis has garnered the attention of many users who are looking for apps like Siri for Android devices to handle tasks on their smartphones easily and efficiently.

What makes Jarvis special is its unique voice and hot word recognition features, which renders a great experience to users. So, check out more features of this app below!

Key Features

  • Allows you to train the app by adding your own voice commands and personalized responses
  • Helps you make calls, set alarms, send text messages, launch apps, play music, and learn about the latest news
  • Controls your smartphone’s settings like sound volumes, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc., through voice commands

Final Verdict

Siri may be an invention limited to iOS devices, but Android users don’t have to bear its absence. All the apps mentioned above are nothing short of practicality and convenience. Depending on your requirements and preferences of whether you want a simple or a fully integrated app, these 5 apps like Siri for Android are undeniably the handiest recommendations. Hence, don’t forget to try them out!

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