How to Turn on Bluetooth on Windows 10

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Nowadays all computers, smartphones, audio speakers, headphones/earphones, etc. come with Bluetooth connectivity. They can be seamlessly connected with each other and we can experience pure wire-free technology.

In case your gadget lacks Bluetooth, you can always get an additional Bluetooth adaptor and connect the devices in the most inexpensive way.

This is a step-by-step guide that will show you how to turn on Bluetooth on Windows 10 and some troubleshooting steps for the most common problems like Bluetooth not working in Windows 10 and Bluetooth driver issues.

how to turn on bluetooth on windows 10

How to Turn on Bluetooth on Windows 10

Under this section we have 3 methods to focus upon

  1. Enabling Bluetooth in Windows 10 from Windows Settings
  2. Turning on Bluetooth from Action Center
  3. Making Sure you Check the Bluetooth Advanced Settings

Enabling Bluetooth in Windows 10 from Windows Settings

The first and foremost step for turning on Bluetooth on any Windows 10 computer is to check its settings.

For that we will have to click WINDOWS + X (keys) on the keyboard, that will open multiple options. From there you will have to click on SETTINGS. You can also get there by RIGHT-CLICKING the mouse key on the WINDOWS START icon (in the bottom-left corner of your computer).

right click on window button and open window settings

Once you have clicked on the Settings, it will take you to a window called WINDOWS SETTINGS. From here you will have to click on the DEVICES option.

select devices option in window settings

After clicking on the DEVICES option, the first option under that will be Bluetooth & Other Devices.

By default, Bluetooth is not on and you will see as Bluetooth off in the toggle switch. You will have to toggle the switch to switch on, for enabling Bluetooth in Windows 10.

turn on bluetooth on windows 10

That is how to turn on Bluetooth on Windows 10. The next method to turn on is via ACTION CENTER.

Turning on Bluetooth from Action Center

This is very easy to perform. Enabling Bluetooth software for Windows 10 from ACTION CENTER will require you to click on the NOTIFICATIONS icon, located at the right-bottom corner of your computer.

Turning on bluetooth from notification pane

After clicking on the NOTIFICATIONS icon, you will need to click on BLUETOOTH option marked in the image above.

This way Bluetooth gets turned on in Windows 10.

If Bluetooth option is not available in the NOTIFICATIONS pane, then right-click on the empty area in the pane, you will see the option EDIT.

Click on EDIT and you will see an option to ADD. Click on the ADD button to further select the Bluetooth option.

Make Sure you Check the Bluetooth Advanced Settings

The Bluetooth Advanced Settings (by the name MORE BLUETOOTH OPTIONS) can be found in the Bluetooth & Other Devices Window.

I will repeat the flow to get there…

It is Windows Settings – Devices –Bluetooth & Other Devices.

go to more bluetooth options in settings

Once you have clicked the MORE BLUETOOTH OPTIONS, you will see the BLUETOOTH SETTINGS window.

bluetooth settings window

Under the OPTIONS tab you will be able to see…


Allow Bluetooth devices to find this PC – Check mark this option

Required for your Bluetooth device to be discoverable by all nearby Bluetooth devices.


Alert me when a new Bluetooth device wants to connect – Check mark this option

Required to alert you when any new Bluetooth device wants to connect to this device. This is a secured option.

Show the Bluetooth icon in the notification area – Check mark this option

Required for you to confirm that Bluetooth is on/off.

If for some reason neither of the above methods are working for you, then you will need to perform some troubleshooting steps.

Troubleshooting Bluetooth in Windows 10

Problem 1: The Bluetooth Toggle Switch is missing under “Bluetooth & Other Devices” Window

For this you will have to check the Bluetooth driver in your computer. To check whether the drivers are available or not, you will need to go to the computer’s DEVICE MANAGER.

For going to the DEVICE MANAGER, perform a right-click on the WINDOWS START icon and then select DEVICE MANAGER.

right click on windows icon and select device manager

After clicking on Device Manager, the window will open. You will need to drop down the Bluetooth Section and check your Bluetooth Driver.

check bluetooth driver type

In my case, it is Intel Bluetooth Driver for Windows 10. To check whether this driver is working properly you will have to right click and select PROPERTIES.

After clicking on PROPERTIES, it will show you the properties window stating whether the device is working properly or not.

check device status in bluetooth driver properties

If this device wasn’t working properly then first thing to perform is to disable and re-enable the driver.

For doing that you need to right-click on the driver and select DISABLE DEVICE.

disable bluetooth driver on windows 10

After disabling the driver you have two options from here. You can either press the ENABLE DEVICE after a few minutes or you can restart the computer.

As per the feedback from some users, in certain computers it is fine to Enable the device after a few minutes but for the rest of the Desktops and Laptops running on Windows 10, it is customary to restart the computer and then Enable the Device Driver.

enable device bluetooth driver

You should now go and check the Bluetooth & Other Devices Window under Devices, which is under the Windows Settings. The Bluetooth toggle switch should be available by now.

Problem 2: Certain Bluetooth Services are not functioning properly

If in-case that is not case then you may want to look into the services section. For opening the Windows Services open the RUN program by pressing Windows key + R and type in SERVICES.MSC

go to window run and type services.msc

After pressing OK you will see the Windows Services. Here you will have to look for;

  • Bluetooth Audio Gateway Service
  • Bluetooth Support Service
  • Bluetooth User Service

The Bluetooth Audio Gateway Service is for Audio Gateway of Bluetooth Handsfree profile and helps you connect different Bluetooth earphones/headphones.

The Bluetooth Support Service supports the discovery of nearby Bluetooth devices. This is an essential service that lets your Windows 10 computer to discover nearby Bluetooth devices.

The Bluetooth User Service supports Bluetooth functionality to each user session.

Each Windows service can be Manually or Automatically started.

By default, these 3 Bluetooth services are set to Manually Start. You can check by right-clicking on any of these 3 services and selecting its PROPERTIES.

windows services properties

After clicking on the PROPERTIES you will see its properties window where-in you will need to drop down the Startup Type menu and select AUTOMATIC then press the START button.

Followed by that you will then need to click on APPLY and then OK.

select automatic in window service properties

Do this for the other 2 services mentioned above.

Note: For some users it is recommended to restart the computer to see the effects take place while others may try shutting down the computer and again switching it on after 30 seconds.

All these 3 services should properly start your Bluetooth on Windows 10 computer. Check that by again going to the Bluetooth & Other Devices which is under Devices, that is under Windows Settings.

You should be able to see the Bluetooth Toggle switch over there.

If the above technique does not work then Bluetooth hasn’t turned on, on Windows 10. It is now advisable to update the Device Driver.

Problem 3: Problems with respect to Bluetooth Device Driver on Windows 10

For this, you have two options;

  • Update the Bluetooth Device Driver from the Device Manager
  • Update Bluetooth Device Driver from vendor’s/manufacturer’s website.

For updating the Device Driver from the Device Manger, simply open the DEVICE MANAGER. Then locate the Bluetooth section, drop down the Bluetooth part and right-click on your Bluetooth Driver.

update bluetooth driver

Windows will automatically update the Bluetooth driver. Proper Internet connection is required.

If the Bluetooth file is missing or corrupted on your system drive then you will need to manually download Bluetooth driver for Windows 10 from the Bluetooth manufacturer’s website.

For some users, due to missing Bluetooth drivers, these users are unable to tell the Bluetooth manufacturer. If that is the case for you, then you will have to locate the Bluetooth manufacturer from the computer’s system BIOS.

For entering the computer’s system BIOS you will need to press F2 at system startup. There you will be able to find the name of your Bluetooth Hardware manufacturer.

After obtaining the name of the manufacturer, you will need to manually go to their website and download Bluetooth driver for Windows 10.

Note: Be sure to download the driver that is compatible with your Windows 10 variant.

Problem 4: Bluetooth Hardware has crashed

In some cases the Bluetooth hardware itself has crashed or become faulty. In that case you will have to opt for new Bluetooth adaptors. There are compatible Bluetooth adaptors for PC Windows 10. They are tiny pieces which get connected to your computer via a USB port.

Most of them come with built-in device driver that gets installed when you first connect them to your Desktop/Laptop.

From there on you will be able to see the Bluetooth Toggle Switch under the Bluetooth & Other Devices window. You can then switch the Bluetooth on/off as your requirement.

Note: All the 3 options under the More Bluetooth Options must be checked marked.

bluetooth settings window


By this article I hope most of your Bluetooth problems should get fixed. Please feel free to comment below with your problems and fixes. Each computer hardware works differently and there are multiple methods to solve a problem. Feel free to share this with your friends or colleagues if they are facing any Bluetooth issues or just want to know how to turn on Bluetooth on Windows 10.

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