Qualcomm Snapdragon 875 Specifications – 5nm, X60 5G Modem, New VPU, GPU

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qualcomm snapdragon 875 specifications

As we all are aware, Qualcomm generally launches its latest Snapdragon processor at the end of every year. That is mostly seen in smart phones by the beginning of the next year.

Just like Snapdragon 865 processor, it was launched during December 2019 and we have been seeing flagship smart phones like Samsung Galaxy S20, Oppo Find X2, Xiaomi Mi 10, etc.

Similarly there have been rumors of Snapdragon 875 going to be released later in this year.

We will look into the Snapdragon 875 specifications. It is surely going to bring in more advancements towards 5G, GPU and artificial intelligence. As we had seen some room for improvements in its predecessor – Snapdragon 865.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 875 Specifications

Processor (Chipset)

There is very little information about the chipset other than, it will be manufactured by TSMC on 5 nm process technology. That will obviously show high improvements in heavy tasks and 5G advancements.

The no. of cores available in Gold and Silver with dedicated frequencies are still unknown, but Snapdragon 875 will be having Kryo 685 CPUs built on Arm v8 Cortex technology.


From Snapdragon 865 with Adreno 650 GPU, Qualcomm is now going to come up with Adreno 660 GPU in Snapdragon 875. Vision Processing Unit (VPU) of Adreno 665 VPU and Adreno 1095 for Data Processing Unit will also be seen with this new chipset.

Security Support

The Secure Processing Unit of SPU250 will support Biometric Authentication like Fingerprint, Iris, Voice, and Face Detection.

Additionally, Snapdragon 875 will provide security features for Camera, a Crypto Engine, Malware Protection, Mobile Security, Secure Boot, etc. just like the Snapdragon 865.

ISP (Image Signal Processor) and DSP (Digital Signal Processor)

Snapdragon 875 will come with Spectra 580 ISP – an improved image signal processor than its predecessor Snapdragon 865 which was seen with Spectra 480 ISP.

Thus, allowing the camera to operate at more frames per second even with higher resolutions and more clarity.

Also Snapdragon 875 is set to feature the Snapdragon Sensors Core Technology that is a Hexagon Digital Signal Processor (DSP) with Hexagon Vector eXtensions and Hexagon Tensor Accelerator.


Snapdragon 875 will also come with Quad-Channel (4X) Package-on-Package (PoP) LPDDR5 SDRAM.

Audio Improvements

Consuming bare minimum power from the SoC, Snapdragon 875 will comprise of Aqstic Audio Technologies Model WCD9380 and WCD 9385 audio codecs.

Improved Connectivity

snapdragon 875 X60

It is said that Snapdragon 875 is going to support External 802.11ax with a 2×2 MIMO dual antenna establishing up to streams of data. Thus, dividing the data payload across both the different antennas.

There is also going to be support for 3G/4G/5G mmWave networks and sub-6GHz bands.

Reaching the spectrum will now be possible as Snapdragon 875 will come with X60 5G modem-RF system. The third generation modem will now get unveiled with this SoC.

After X50 and X55, first and second generation respectively, Qualcomm will now manufacture X60 on this 5nm process chipset. X60 will consume 15% lesser power and will work 30% more to connect to both the millimeter-wave networks and sub-6GHz networks at the same time.


If Qualcomm keeps up with its schedule, we will be able to see these Snapdragon 875 specifications powering most of the flagship mobile phones by 2021.

Most probably the announcements of Snapdragon 875 will take place later by this year, but do note the current pandemic could impact on the production. So it may arrive a little later than expected.

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