How To Use Hike Stickers In Whatsapp Like Never Before

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how to use hike stickers in whatsapp

With the rapid advancements in technology and AI (Artificial Intelligence), users are getting the experience of rich personalized messaging system online.

Thanks to the options of Stickers.

Stickers are available on almost all messaging platforms. But no platform compares as good as Hike when it comes to the world of sticker based chatting.

Hike, a powerful instant messaging app is providing the best stickers which are not present on WhatsApp or even Facebook.

Many users thereby prefer Hike. They feel the sense of complete satisfaction while including stickers instead of normal boring text.

WhatsApp is one of the widely used instant messaging app. Although this is getting interesting when users are trying to learn and understand how to use Hike stickers in WhatsApp.

Users want to keep messaging on WhatsApp due to its wide popularity and acceptance, but also want Hike’s best sticker in WhatsApp.

Getting the best out of both the worlds

The question is how can you send Hike stickers in WhatsApp?

The procedure to do so is given below;

Start the Stickey

Start the Hike Messenger app & tap on “Me” icon. This is available at the bottom right corner of the application. After clicking that, you will see your own profile page.

On this profile page you will find the Settings icon, located at the top right corner of that page.

For the “Stickey” option you will have to scroll down the settings page. There you can enable/disable the stickey option by simply toggling the switch.

Enable stickey setting in hike

Here you will get a list of apps or only a single app depending upon what platforms you are using. You can enable this stickey option even if you are only using one app, WhatsApp.

Let’s say you have clicked on WhatsApp, then you will have to permit the accessibility of Hike trying to access WhatsApp.

Following, that you will be taken to the accessibility window. Where you will have to select the option for Hike.

Select Hike and that will have you to toggle the switch ON.

You will later be prompted with a confirmation screen asking you to confirm your recent action. Tap on OK, and Stickey option gets enabled for that application.

This is how you enable Hike Stickey.

Hike Stickers for Whatsapp

Now go to WhatsApp and you will find the Hike icon appearing on the top left of the application.

stickey on whatsapp

Here you can enable Hike stickers for any contact by simply clicking on the Hike icon.

Or you can also click on the icon which chatting with a contact in-between. The stickey option is now properly stuck on WhatsApp.

You can use it any how as if you are using it under Hike messenger itself.

WhatsApp is one of the most awesome instant messaging app with stickers. But it has got few restrictions on Stickers.

First of all it was a little late to enter the sticker party. Now when it supports stickers, it has only 7 default packs.

Although WhatsApp has confirmed that it is soon going to come out with few new packs. But until then you are stuck with the basic stickers.

Next you can install stickers pack which contain at least 3 stickers in them, that’s the minimum. A pack of stickers can have no more than 30 stickers at the max.

These are some of the reasons why there is much popularity for using Hike stickers even in WhatsApp application.


I hope this article has covered your back and you will find it useful, until WhatsApp comes out with better and much more meaningful sticker packs.

You can use this technique and enjoy all your Hike stickers which chatting with your best friends or family members, on WhatsApp.

Do let me know your experiences and share valuable insights in-case you find any more techniques of using Hike stickers in WhatsApp.

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