Finally Discord Mic Not Working Gets Solved

Nowadays lot of gamers are replacing apps like Skype and TeamSpeak with Discord, as their most preferred mode of communication while gaming. The application works mind-blowingly well with all the features a gamer could ask for. Its flawless mode of communication with both, the Input Voice and Push-To-Talk feature are getting a lot of attention … Read more

How To Enable & Configure Discord Push To Talk

If you are looking for the configuration of discord push to talk feature then you are at right place. Discord is real-time free application used for chat and voice communication. It is designed for gaming communities allowing users to join different channels (servers). It quickly became the most used chat service by gamers all around … Read more

10 Best Headset For PUBG That No One Talks About

Today I am going to showcase 10 best headset for pubg. That will not only give you a winning edge by ambushing your opponents who get too close. But, also be very comfortable for long duration of gaming. Mobile games can be as addictive as online streaming movies. Especially when it comes to the famous … Read more

PUBG Facts | 13 Interesting facts about PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds

PUBG Facts

PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds a battle royal online multiplayer game also known as PUBG is quite thrilling, with only one chance to survive until the end against 99 players in Solo match. Let’s find out some of the most interesting pubg facts. The game will teach you how to survive and work with a team, also over … Read more