Best CPU GPU Overclocking Software in 2022: Top 9 Recommendations

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Overclocking is known to increase the efficiency of your computer’s performance. Thus, the best overclocking software resets some components of your PC such that it boosts the clock rate and operates faster than the speed suggested by the manufacturer.

A user may also use the said software to upgrade an old computer to meet the needs of new advanced applications. However, many users, particularly gamers, tend to overclock their new PCs more often.

Well, a processor is the computer part that is overclocked most commonly, but one can also overclock other components like the motherboard, graphics cards, and Random-Access Memory. Nevertheless, you must keep in mind that overclocking too much can lead the system to be unstable. Hence, it must be done in moderation.

What is Overclocking?

Overclocking refers to the process of elevating the clock rate (the base clock) of hardware. As a result, it enables the device to operate at a higher speed than its original speed. CPU and GPU are the most commonly overclocked devices, but various forms of overclocking can be executed for other components.

When the clock rate or the speed of the particular component enhances, it can perform an increased number of tasks per second, but it will produce more heat. Hence, the elements that are being overclocked will require proper cooling.

So, if you don’t want to limit yourself to the original speed of your CPU or GPU, you can opt for overclocking. This practice has become an easy task due to different manufacturers’ CPU and GPU overclocking software.

From CPU to GPU, processors to graphic cards, motherboards to express slots, many PC components can be easily overclocked using compatible software nowadays. Even though various manufacturers may target different components with their overclocking software, the ultimate aim is to increase the clock rate.

Common Types of Overclocking

The two main types of overclocking are as follows.

CPU Overclocking

CPU overclocking refers to heightening the CPU’s performance to operate better than originally intended. As a result, it allows users to quickly and smoothly execute numerous tasks such as editing, gaming, and more.

This type of overclocking enables users to get more from their PC than what they paid for and makes the hardware highly powerful. However, when you are overclocking your CPU, it may produce more heat. Hence, having sufficient cooling equipment is necessary.

GPU Overclocking

GPU overclocking refers to accelerating the speed of graphic cards more than its default speed to run games with enhanced efficiency and boost the PC’s overall performance. GPUs originally operate on the base clock speed, but many graphic cards’ speeds can increase through overclocking.

The temperature of the GPU will intensify after drawing increased power while overclocking, and thus, cooling resources should be present. With GPU overclocking, a user can turn a basic graphics card into a high-end graphics card.

So here in this article, we will uphold the 5 best overclocking software CPU that will help you overclock your PC effortlessly.

Comparison of the 9 Best Overclocking Software

SoftwarePurpose Best Suited forExclusive Feature
CPU-ZCPU overclockingRegularly updated to support many processors
Intel XTUCPU overclockingPerform changes and setups without restarting your computer
Intel Performance MaximiserCPU overclockingFacilitates automated overclocking
MSI AfterburnerGPU overclockingCan be used for graphic cards not supported by MSI
ASUS GPU Tweak IIGPU overclockingCustom profiles can be used to optimize the GPU performance
GPU-ZGPU overclockingLightweight software for graphics processors optimization
AMD Ryzen MasterRAM, CPU, and GPU overclockingFunctions are not only limited to overclocking
SAPPHIRE TriXXMemory and GPU overclockingOverclockers can use overvolting to boost their core clocks
NVIDIA Profile InspectorCPU and GPU overclockingEnables users to set frequencies based on their requirements

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9 Best Overclocking Software

best overclocking software

Have you been looking for ways to boost your computer’s performance but do not want to upgrade the hardware? Well, there is a wide range of overclocking software available in the market but finding the best one is daunting.

So, we’ve cut short this hectic process and come up with the best auto overclocking software for your computer. Here, have a look!

3 Best CPU Overclocking Software

Here is the best software used for CPU overclocking.

1.     CPU-Z

If you are looking for CPU overclocking software that can generate profiles and monitor your system’s CPU, motherboard chipsets, and numerous other hardware components, using CPU-Z is recommended. It lets users collect vital information about the module specification, memory size, timing, and type.

CPU-Z also supports monitoring memory frequency, core frequency, CPU load, temperature, and fan speed. Moreover, once you have overclocked your CPU, you can also use this software to document, monitor, and validate the clocking speed.

Key Features:

  • It enables users to access CPU frequencies, voltage, memory frequency, and more.
  • Facilitates hardware specifications that are easy to understand.
  • The software allows users to run stress tests and CPU benchmarks.

2.     Intel XTU

Now, the next CPU overclocking software on the list is Intel XTU. If you are looking for a simple intel overclocking tool that fits beginners and professionals alike, this must be your best choice. You can effortlessly monitor a system, stress it, and perform overclocking using Intel XTU.

It supports advanced features such as charts and graphs pertaining to the CPU temperature, frequency, and utilization. You can thus gain awareness if your device needs any optimization. Besides, you can also tweak the graphics, memory, voltage, and processor using the manual tuning tab.

Key Features:

  • This software enables users to save profiles for custom overclocking.
  • It facilitates a system information tab that gives you detailed information on the CPU, motherboard, and BIOS.
  • The Stress Test modules determine whether the system is still stable by exercising the CPU.

3.     Intel Performance Maximizer

Maximize the performance of your CPU with the hyper-intelligent and best overclocking software CPU, Inter Performance Maximiser. This automated processor overclocking software takes the individual performance DNA of your CPU into account. Overclocking is also simplified by its ability to program personalized settings for users who want to perform custom overclocking.

This software enables you to unleash enhanced CPU and gaming performance through custom tune overclocking. Moreover, Inter Performance Maximiser makes you aware of the parameters that make overclocking safe.

Key Features:

  • It supports advanced analysis systems and built-in tests.
  • Inter Performance Maximiser can monitor the stability of overclocking.
  • Offers backup suggestions and has an interface that is too easy to navigate.

3 Best GPU Overclocking Software

Here is a list of the top 3 GPU overclocking software.

4.     MSI Afterburner

When it comes to an efficient GPU overclocking tool, MSI Afterburner must be mentioned mandatorily because it is a fan favorite. It offers a wide range of features, which is why many users rely on it.

You can receive the hardware’s comprehensive report through this software. Also, many graphics cards in the market are easily compatible with MSI Afterburner. Moreover, the user-friendly interface enables users to have full authority over their graphics cards. Thus, in short, it is undeniably the best GPU overclocking software, and using it is highly recommended.

Key Features:

  • The interface offers real-time voltage, temperature, and clock speed.
  • It also displays the GPU report’s usage.
  • The custom fan profile seamlessly balances heat and performance.

5.     ASUS GPU Tweak II

If you are looking for premium overclocking software that can optimize your graphics card effectively, you should check out ASUS GPU Tweak II. It is the best auto overclocking software that facilitates various modes for quicker optimization, such as the overclocking mode, gaming mode, performance mode, and silent mode.

Besides, using the software, users can easily save custom profiles. Many domains of the computer hardware, including the GPU boost clock, GPU voltage, fan speed, memory clock, and power target, can be optimized by overclockers through custom profiles here.

Key Features:

  • Window services and processes can be manually and automatically turned off.
  • It allows you to stream and record gameplay using a premium license.
  • It provides real-time GPU clock speed, temperature, and VRM usage reports.

6.     GPU-Z

Are you searching for the best overclocking software that is free and lightweight? Then, using TechPowerUp’s GPU-Z is highly recommended. It documents and monitors video card and graphics processors’ performance.

This software also supports many renowned brands such as ATI, Intel graphics, NVIDIA, and AMD. Hence, the performance of these brands’ products can be easily documented and validated using GPU-Z. Furthermore, the PCI-Express Lane configuration can also be verified using a GPU load test facilitated by the software. Besides, you can even create your graphic card BIOS backups using GPU-Z.

Key Features:

  • It uses an optional graph to monitor fan speeds, clock speeds, load, and more.
  • It displays in-depth and comprehensive information on GPU performance.
  • The software offers customization features and proper commercial support.

3 Best CPU Cum GPU Overclocking Software

Now that you are well-acquainted with the software that performs CPU and GPU overclocking exclusively, here are the 3 best CPU-cum-GPU overclocking software. The enlisted software enhances the speed and performance of multiple components, like CPU, GPU, and memory.

7.     AMD Ryzen Master

Designed by AMD to cater mainly to their products, Ryzen Master is a highly effective overclocking software for fine-tuning the performance of your PC’s GPU, CPU, and memory. In addition, it offers up to 4 varying profiles using which the performance of many different applications can be personalized.

Besides, to suit the preference of the concerned application, graphics frequency adjustments, memory timings adjustment, and core optimization can also be done within each profile. Thus, it is the best overclocking software for AMD that you should definitely try.

Key Features:

  • The software provides your system’s performance and real-time status reports.
  • Users can easily overclock their RAM and AMD CPU cores for enhanced performance.
  • It supports a wide variety of CPU products.


If you are looking for the best overclocking software that can operate on multiple PC components, SAPPHIRE TriXX shall be the best choice. It comes with an easy-to-use and intuitive interface, making it much preferred. Besides, you can quickly maximize and optimize your Sapphire card’s performance using this software. But it’s not limited to card optimization. It can also be used for overclocking.

You can effortlessly change the clock speed and voltage of your GPU and adjust the memory clock through the user interface of SAPPHIRE TriXX. Furthermore, once you change the GPU and CPU performance metrics, you can also save the changes in the customer profile. Around 5 profiles are allowed by the software.

Key Features:

  • It comes with two modes – for silent running and high performance.
  • It provides a real-time update of the system’s performance.
  • It supports fan control to customize heating according to overclocking.

9.     Nvidia Profile Inspector

Now, last but not least best overclocking software on our list is NVIDIA Profile Inspector. By utilizing this tool, you can easily manage your GPU and CPU’s clock speed and fan speed. Moreover, it is lightweight and can come in handy if you do not want to download big software.

Despite being a small software, it facilitates numerous significant features, such as enabling you to check the frequencies of the GPU and CPU, determine the default frequencies, detect the performance of your graphics card, give you insightful detail about the performance of your GPU, CPU, and many more.

Key Features:

  • It detects the profile and configuration of your GPU and CPU automatically.
  • Supports 3 tabs to enable users to manage 3 tasks simultaneously.
  • You can easily adjust the fan speed here by using the fan controlling setting.

FAQs about Overclocking

What software do I use to overclock my CPU?

There is numerous overclocking software available in the market, but before using them, you must determine if they are compatible with your PC or not. Intel XTU, Intel Performance Maximiser, and CPU-Z are highly recommended for CPU overclocking.

What is the best overclocking software for GPU?

So far, MSI Afterburner is considered the best GPU overclocking software, but you can also check out some other noteworthy software such as ASUS GPU Tweak II and GPU-Z.

What is the best way to overclock?

Before you overclock, learn the benchmark of your PC. Then, choose a good overclocking software that is compatible with your system. Also, keep cooling equipment handy because the system may heat up during the process. And always remember to overclock in moderation.

How can I overclock my CPU without BIOS?

If you want to overclock your CPU without BIOS, you can use the INTEL XTU or AMD Ryzen Master tools, as they have in-built features to check the device’s stability and temperature.

Final Thoughts

Overclocking enables your hardware’s speed and operating frequency to be enhanced to a large extent. When the frequencies are higher, the system can perform better, and tasks can be completed faster.

So, whether you want to overclock your GPU, CPU, or RAM, there is no doubt that with the best overclocking software, you can bid goodbye to the days of nagging about a system that operates slowly.

Thus, using the software mentioned above, you can handle all applications and tasks more effectively and eliminate the need to upgrade your PC hardware. However, make sure that you do not overclock to the extremes to save your system from getting damaged.

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